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Why Use HCL Colors?

»The Hue-Chroma-Luminance colorspace is an alternative color space to the famous Red-Green-Blue color space (or others) providing some interesting and important features. This page takes you into the HCL 'space' and gives useful explanations, links, hints, and tools!«

HCL Color Space Properties

»In contrast to the (in)famous Red-Green-Blue color space the HCL color space provides perception-based properties which allows to design efficient color schemes for technical graphics, but also for design applications.«

Make Use of HCL!

»Rather than only providing information the wizard shows you how to make use of the HCL color space. For programmers, useful software links and references are provided. For non-programmers or for 'on the fly' color map creators we provide an interactive online interface for everyone!«

Shiny Now Available via Standard Ports

We've noticed some problems for some people sitting behind restrictive firewalls or filters as they have not been able to access hclwizard/hclconverter on port 64230. Both shiny apps are now available via standard port which should solve this problem. Read More ›

New Feature on HCLwizard.org!

A new feature was just released on HCLwizard.org. The HCLconverter allows to upload an existing png/jpg/jpeg image and check for possible color-blindness issues. The uploaded image will be converted to different color-blind vision. Have a look before you publish! Read More ›

Why So Many Weather Maps Are Rainbow-Colored

Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan has published a nice little article about the use of rainbow colors in wehater maps. Read More ›

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