»New Version of the HCL color scheme creator is available.«Try it!

Why Use HCL Colors?

»The Hue-Chroma-Luminance colorspace is an alternative color space to the famous Red-Green-Blue color space (or others) providing some interesting and important features. This page takes you into the HCL 'space' and gives useful explanations, links, hints, and tools!«

HCL Color Space Properties

»In contrast to the (in)famous Red-Green-Blue color space the HCL color space provides perception-based properties which allows to design efficient color schemes for technical graphics, but also for design applications.«

Make Use of HCL!

»Rather than only providing information the wizard shows you how to make use of the HCL color space. For programmers, useful software links and references are provided. For non-programmers or for 'on the fly' color map creators we provide an interactive online interface for everyone!«

Small Bugfixes

I just got informed about two smaller bugs on the new page. Thanks to Fernando! Read More ›

Website Updates

A few contents have been extended and changed, and some smaller bugs have been removed since the new page is online. Read More ›

New Webpage is Online

I have revamped the HCL wizard webpage to provide a more responsive and nicer looking site. Furthermore, the online color map creator has been replaced - I hope that everyone is satisfied with the new look and feel! Read More ›

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