Different levels of severity for the color vision deficiency can be emulated. A value of 100% means maximum deficiency, a value of 0% no deficiency at all. This value has to be adjusted before uploading the image.



You can use the keys "a", "s", "d", "f", "g", "h" to navigate trough the different tabs.

Dark Mode

Original image as uploaded.

Reduction in chroma until no color is left ("total color blindness"). Full desaturation yields to a pure grayscale image (only differences in luminance left).

Most common color vision deficiency (6% of males/0.4% of females). Mutated green pigment which yeilds reduced sensitivity of the green area of the spectrum, also known as "red-green color blindness".

Mutated red pigment and less able to discriminate colors. Less common than deuteranomaly (1% of males, 0.01% of females). The deficiency also yields a darkening of red colors such that red colors can appear nearly black.

Mutated blue pigment which makes it difficult to distingiush between blueish and greenish hues, as well as between yellowish and reddish hues. tritanomaly is also known as "blue-yellow color blindness" but is relatively rare (0.01% for both, males and females).







Reto Stauffer, Claus O. Wilke, Achim Zeileis

Graphical User Interface to Check Images for Color Constraints


A graphical user interface (GUI) to check an existing jpg/png image for (possible) color constraints. The image will be converted to protanope vision, deuteranope vision, and a desaturated version (monochromatic vision). Allows a rapid check whether the colors used in the image show some constraints with respect to color deficiency or color blindness.

Convert Colors of an Image


Used in cvd_emulator. Takes an image object and converts the colors using deutan, protan, tritan, desaturate functions. The image will be written to disc as a PNG file.

Terms of Use

It is mutually assumed and understood that uploading and converting images with this app is done at your own risk. The creator/maintainer of the colorspace package and the maintainer of assume no responsibility for the content of the uploaded images and a possible misuse of the uploaded content.

Uploaded images are temporarily stored in the temporary directory of the computer where the app is running and will be deleted immediately after the emulation has been performed. Neither the uploaded image nor the results are kept or stored longer than needed. However, in case of a script or server fault uploaded images and intermediate results might not be deleted immediately.